BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy

BESS PowerBox 1MW/1,1MWh (400v)

Stable, Smart and Superior Energy Station

Capture Energy

BESS PowerBox 1MW/1,1MWh (400v)

BESS PowerBox 1WW/1.1MWh is a distributed energy storage system with a nominal power of 1,000kW and capacity of 1,104kWh, which is suitable for large scale corporate or industrial loads and the flexibility market.

Unlock the flexibility market with this unique BESS PowerBox technology, fully equipped for participation in the Nordic flexibility market including FFR and FCR-D. With a modular all-in-one design, 8 sets of S138 battery strings, a PCS, converters, a fire-fighting system, an environmental control system and a BMS are integrated inside a standard 20 ft container.

Deployment: The BESS PowerBox 1MW/1.1MWh is widely applied in both demand management and the construction of microgrids. BESS PowerBox 1MW/1,1MWh can be delivered to customers with very short delivery.

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Capture Energy delivers modular and scalable energy storage in containers, the BESS PowerBox solutions from 250kWh to 2MWh, and can be built as large BESS installation.

Wide range of use

The BESS PowerBox can be used for a wide range of services, enabling savings through a combination of optimised use of solar energy, peak shaving, arbitrage and participation in flexibility markets.

Flexibility / frequence

BESS PowerBox can be unleashed on the rapidly growing frequency market (FFR and FCR-D) in the Nordics, and can realize your financial goals integrated with any flexible trading platform of your choice.

EMS ready

The BESS PowerBox controller can be easily integrated into higher-level energy management systems, for compact and flexible energy storage with optimal capacity and performance.

Easy to install

Capture Energy can meet your needs both today and in the years ahead, while keeping the barriers to implementation low. Capture Energy offer the BESS PowerBox that are easy to install, manage, adapt and expand.

Best Service

At Capture Energy, we love people and deliver technology to help us all to achieve our goals of decarbonisation. We will do our best to make this something you want to do several times, then together we can act towards the green shift. Our commitment is to be the best in terms of delivery time, project management and service agreements that ensure fast delivery and good operation.

Delivery service models
  1. TURN KEY SOLUTION – all included, we are in charge from the start to plan use of the storage system and with application to grid company, included everything to installed, optimized up and running service at your place.
  2.  INSTALL AT LOCATION – we deliver specification for how to be prepared for installation, you prepare all, we will have a common quality check on site together, then we take the responsibility for installation and optimizing at your site.
  3.  DELIVERED TO TRANSPORT– your business are trained and take own responsibility for installation and optimizing. Only available for selected partners.

Our skilled technical personnel and project manager assist with the desired delivery method that suits your business. Contact us today to arrange a meeting for presentation of our products and delivery services.

The BESS PowerBox supplied by Capture Energy has a 5-year warranty if the ordinary service program has been carried out. Capture Energy offers various service programs for all our deliveries.