BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy


Providing flexibility is essential for enabling a low-carbon electricity grid

The BESS PowerBox can be used for participation in flexibility markets and can unleashed on the rapidly growing frequency
market (FFR and FCR-D) in the Nordics. The BESS PowerBox can realize your financial goals integrated with any flexible trading platform of your choice.

The rapid development of battery-based energy storage technology has made it critical to the future of electricity systems. When grids need fast-reacting, flexible resources that can deliver full power in seconds, minutes or hours, energy storage delivers where other recourses cannot. All while operating without direct emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, providing flexibility essential for enabling a low-carbon electricity grid.

As our electric grids replace fossil fuel generators and other recourses with renewable energy sources, grid operators are facing a historic increase in the number of frequency deviations per year, ultimately resulting in loss of power and threatening system health. To meet this challenge, grid operators (TSO) are creating new frequency response products that support grid balancing and stability. The Nordic TSOs (Statnett, Svenska Kraftnett, Energinet Danmark, Fingrid) are expected to purchase flexibility services in 2023 for close to EUR 1.5 billion.

Capture Energy’s product BESS PowerBox are optimized for the flexibility market. We especially recommend the products BESS PowerBox 1MW/ 1,1MWh and BESS PowerBox 1,2MW/2MWh .

These products have a fully integrated technical solution for activating flexibility directly connected to a trading platform. There are many BRP/trading players who can assist with the turnover of flexibility in the market. Capture Energy also collaborates with a partner who can take responsibility for all flexibility trading, optimization and operation of the solution if this is desired.

If your BESS PowerBox is to participate in the frequency markets, a configuration must be made for optimization for participation in FCR-D up and FCR-D down with continuous operation with low wear and tear on the equipment. 

The BESS PowerBox controller can be easily integrated into higher-level energy management systems, for compact and flexible energy storage with optimal capacity and performance. Follow the Nordic frequency here at Svenska Kraftnät:  Kontrollrummet | Svenska kraftnät (