BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy

Turning climate challenges into opportunities 

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050, boost the economy through green technology, create sustainable industry and transport, and cut pollution. Turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities will make the transition just and inclusive for all.

At Capture Energy, we love people and deliver technology to help us all to achieve our goals of decarbonisation. We will do our best to make this something you want to do several times, then together we can act towards the green shift. Our commitment is to be the best in terms of delivery time, project management and service agreements that ensure fast delivery and good operation. 

The story behind Capture Energy is about people who want to contribute to the EU’s sustainability goals. We have a background from various industries that are affected by our technological development and economic situation in society and professionally in the energy industry.

By surveying the current players in the market, both manufacturers and suppliers in the Nordic market, we saw the opportunity to contribute to disruption in the market for supplies of energy solutions.

The market today has been characterized by suppliers who have delivered few deliveries and small battery solutions. Capture Energy has made its own investments and through this ensures a short delivery time for our standard products, as they are often already in production when our customers order.

Capture Energy has made arrangements with a good service program and our own warehouse of spare parts.

Our business is run from Sweden, we have local presence in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but deliver to all countries in Europe. Capture Energy has chosen to focus on the two sustainability goals “9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” and “17. Partnerships for the goals”. We are looking for partners who want long-term and predictable cooperation with us for installation and deliveries of BESS PowerBox.

Capture Energy has already entered into agreements with players who will install our products in the Nordic market in June 2023, and has products ready for delivery before the summer of 2023, and continuously throughout the year with short delivery times.

We look forward to an exciting collaboration, welcome to us at Capture Energy!