BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy
BESS Powerbox by Capture Energy

We turn climate challenges into opportunities 

Capture Energy offers the Battery Energy Storage System, BESS PowerBox – a stable, smart and superior energy storage solution suitable for both corporate and industrial loads as well as serving the flexibility market. Unlock the flexibility market with this unique BESS PowerBox technology with everything included for activating the Nordic flexibility market. Join the exciting frequency stabilisation market for FFR and FCR-D in the nordic countries with our solutions!

The European Union’s Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050, boost the economy through green technology, create sustainable industry and transport, and cut pollution. Turning climate and environmental challenges into new opportunities will make the transition equitable and inclusive for all.

At Capture Energy we are dedicated  to delivering technology to help us all to achieve our sustainability goals. We do our best to offer attractive solutions that will help us accelerate the green transition. Our ambition is to be the best in terms of delivery time, project management and service agreements that ensure quick delivery and trouble free operation of BESS PowerBox systems.
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BESS PowerBox – 1H Product

BESS PowerBox – 1H battery energy storage system is designed by Capture Energy for 1C application scenarios. The system can be used for peak shaving, providing frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) and uninterrupted backup power. When deployed with renewable energy sources, BESS PowerBox can improve the efficiency of both generation and consumption, and reduce costs in the use of electrical equipment. Equipped with advanced communication software and intelligent management platforms, the controller can be easily integrated into higher-level energy management systems, giving a compact and flexible energy storage system with optimal capacity and performance.

BESS PowerBox – 2H Product

BESS PowerBox – 2H battery energy storage system has high energy density and is designed for 0.5C applications. It can be quickly delivered and commissioned quickly thanks to  its flexibility in deployment. It provides users with a powerful energy source, with wide applications in renewable energy, industrial & commercial power supply, BESS charging stations, microgrid, etc. With the deployment of BESS PowerBox, users may realise  large economic and environmental benefits, and it can be used for a wide range of services, enabling savings to be made through a combination of optimised solar energy usage, peak shaving, arbitrage and participation in flexibility markets.


Capture Energy Financing

In collaboration with Wasa Kredit AB, we can offer safe and flexible financing for you as a company.
Wasa Kredit is part of the Länsförsäkringsgruppen.

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