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Sävsjö, Sweden

Energy: 1.1 MWh (1xBESS PowerBox 1 MW/1.1 MWh, 400 Vac)
Power: 600 kW (derated from 1 MW)
Installation Date: September 2023
Location: Sävsjö, Sweden

Snickarlaget, a leading manufacturer of stairs in Sweden, were among the first Customers of Capture Energy. They have a 1 MW BESS that is derated to 600 kW.

The primary purpose of this BESS is to provide essential ancillary services, such as Frequency Containment Reserve – Disturbance (FCR-D) and Fast Frequency Reserve  (FFR). By doing so, Snickarlaget not only diversifies its revenue streams but also contributes to grid stability and facilitates the increased integration of renewable energy sources. This dual benefit enhances Snickarlaget’s profitability while aligning with broader sustainability goals, reinforcing their position as an industry leader committed to innovation and environmental responsibility.

As a part of the project, Capture Energy will also integrate with the existing solar plant and equip sensors on the grid connection, to further help to make better use of the factory’s energy production as well as reduce cost of consumption.

Integrating with multiple sources of loads and production facilities is a great way to use batteries, as batteries can help make those more efficient by e.g., preventing to sell solar energy when prices are low (or even negative!), thereby bolstering the economic viability of renewable energy solutions.

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