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Capture Energy prepares for scale-up with a brand new profile

Bringing good energy to your business

– The first phase is complete. Now we are ready to scale up the company and take a position as one of the Nordics’ leading players in the battery market!

Capture Energy’s CTO, Henrik Lundgren, has long been looking forward to unveiling the company’s new profile, which at the same time marks the start of a significant scale-up and growth.

– The new slogan “Bringing good energy to your business” will be our new rule of life and our promise to customers. A slogan that both says that Capture Energy both supports the transition to green energy in society, but also that we create enthusiasm and drive in our customers – and not least progress in investments to ensure higher returns. We will create good and fast deals for our customers in the flexibility market.

One of the big four

Capture Energy was established in February 2023 with a presence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and has already taken a leading role in BESS technology. During the start-up year, the company signed battery contracts to the market for 25 MW and a turnover of 105 million. The goal for 2024 is to double to 50 MW new contracts.

– We have succeeded in building a solid name, and through that we have brought in customers even faster than we expected. An important part of the strategy is that we have employees with extensive experience in various areas of battery technology, and who are well known in the industry. It has been a great security for the customer.

Capture Energy plans to establish itself as one of the four largest companies on the flexibility market in the Nordics. Among other things, this should happen by being the fastest route to the flexibility market for customers, having the best expertise in the area, offering turnkey solutions, having products that are optimized for the Nordic climate, being at the forefront of development. and offers flexible financing.

Lundgren has no doubts that a renewal of the profile is a very important part of the total as they now take the next step towards the ambitious goal.

– How you present yourself reflects how you act. We want to show the market that we are serious about our ambitions and that we are a partner you can trust. The profile we had worked on in a start-up phase. But it wasn’t quite enough anymore. If you want to be perceived as a serious company, you have to dress accordingly!

Capture Energy is facing a major upscaling and CTO Henrik Lundgren (right) is very much looking forward to the launch of the new profile. Here together with colleagues from the design agency Kuude’s Stockholm team, Sofia Stenfors and Michael Biaudet, who were an important part of the process.

Good process with the design agency Kuudes

The new profile has been developed in collaboration with the design agency Kuudes, based in Stockholm and Helsinki. A very good match, he emphasizes.

– Kuudes is adapted to the Nordic market and focuses on sustainable growth business design. They are very customer-focused and quickly grasped what we stand for and where we want to go. We have had a fun and creative process, and are very happy with the end result.

Country Manager, senior strategist Michael Biaudet at Kuudes also describes the collaboration with Capture Energy as very rewarding and good.

– It’s been a true pleasure collaborating with Capture Energy on their new brand. The team has just the right combination of expertise, ambition, and courage to make waves in their field.

– Our goal for the new brand identity was to represent what their customers valued the most: their team of experts dedicated to providing energy storage solutions that are good for business, while supporting the shift to renewables. The new brand promise, Bringing good energy to your business, sums it up perfectly.

Several milestones

Capture Energy is now rolling out its new profile and website, which will be launched in stages over the coming days.

– Here we go!

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