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Capture Energy selected for Swedish Energy Agency’s inverstor accelerator program

Capture Energy has been selected as one out of 7 companies to be part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s investor accelerator program.

The Swedish Energy Agency’s Investment Accelerator, which helps companies improve their investment readiness, remains popular. The second round has attracted significant interest, with 40 companies applying for participation. Seven companies have been selected after a thorough selection process. The program will begin with a kick-off in mid-April, followed by individual work to prepare the companies to attract international capital.

Growth companies in an expansive phase require financing to grow and develop. Improving investment readiness and creating favorable conditions to meet investors and access financing are crucial. This program aims to support Swedish companies in approaching international investors.

Testimonials from participants in the inaugural round, such as Mattias Hansson from Raymond Solar, speak highly of the program’s effectiveness in connecting them with investors.

The selected companies for 2024 include, besides Capture Energy, Standab AB, Green14 AB, Emulate Energy AB, Vidde Mobility AB, Cirkulär AB, and Therma Loop AB. They offer solutions ranging from electric scooters to virtual batteries and fossil-free silicon production.

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