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Reducing transportation emissions by using trains

Capture Energy is steadfast in its commitment to mitigating the climate impact of its operations. One significant stride in this endeavor was accomplished recently when we opted to transport one of our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) containers via a freight train, eschewing the conventional truck transportation method.

Capture Energy BESS at the train terminal in Piteå.

This decision was rooted in our dedication to reducing carbon emissions associated with our logistical operations. According to data from the Network for Transport Measures (NTM), transitioning from diesel-powered trucks to electric-powered trains yields a substantial reduction in emissions. Specifically, by leveraging the average energy mix of Europe, emissions can be slashed by an impressive 87%, plummeting from 55 grams of CO2 equivalent per ton kilometer (g CO2e/tonkm) to a mere 7 g CO2e/tonkm.

Moreover, the environmental benefits become even more pronounced when considering energy mixes based on renewable sources such as hydro and wind. In such cases, emissions can be further curtailed to approximately 0.3 g CO2e/tonkm, constituting a staggering 99.5% reduction compared to conventional diesel transport.

This strategic shift underscores our unwavering dedication to fostering a sustainable future. At Capture Energy, we recognize the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices across all facets of our operations. By embracing innovative solutions and prioritizing sustainability, we aim to make meaningful contributions to a more environmentally responsible world.


Data for road transport in Sweden:

Data for train transport in Europe:

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