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Unlock the financial potential in the flexibility market

Revolutionize the energy grid and unlock financial potential with Capture Energy’s BESS PowerBox – your key to a low-carbon future. With 25MW already sold and 6MW actively participating in Sweden’s FCR market, our battery solutions have proven their value in the Nordic flexibility market.

BESS PowerBox is not just optimized for the flexibility market; it’s your gateway to financial gain through participation in the Nordics’ burgeoning frequency markets like FFR and FCR-D. Our specially Nordic designed solutions, BESS PowerBox 1MW/1.1MWh (also available in 0,5MW/0,55MWh) and BESS PowerBox 1.2MW/2MWh, offer fully integrated technical solutions for immediate flexibility activation, directly connected to your preferred aggregator. The unique technology Capture Controller are already integrated with more than then different aggregators from all Nordic countries.

In an era where the energy grid face challenges with frequency deviations and stability due to the transition to renewable energy sources, BESS PowerBox with the service Capture Flex Trade secures the revenue, not only today, but also in the future. Capture Flex Trade is the most powerful agregation service for BESS customers in the Nordics today.

Capture Energy is here to support you throughout the process. In collaboration with our partner, we offer complete management of flexibility trading, optimization, and operation, allowing you to focus on your core business. Capture Energy have partnerships with several installers who have proven competence on large BESS installations.

Investing in BESS PowerBox means investing in the future – a future where your contribution to a more stable and sustainable energy grid is also financially rewarded. Step into the flexibility market with Capture Energy. Let’s shape the energy landscape of tomorrow together.

Discover how you can integrate BESS PowerBox into your system for optimal capacity and performance. Bringing good energy to your business! Challenge us – is it possible to have a 1MW BESS earning revenue in the FCR market four months after starting the dialog with us?

Please contact us for more information on the battery – the BESS PowerBox, the technology – Capture Controller and the service – Capture Flex Trade.

Image credit: Svenska Kraftnät

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