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BESS PowerBox

1.2 MW / 2 MWh, 690 VAC

Say hello to your all-in-one BESS PowerBox – your ticket to tapping into the Nordic flexibility market fast and enabling a step-change in your energy use. With its robust and modular design, PowerBox 1 packs a punch in a compact package, housing all essential components like advanced lithium-ion battery technology, Nordic control system, PCS, power and frequency metres, cloud connectivity, and integrated aggregator services. Built for the Nordic flexibility market, including FFR and FCR-D, and equipped with a simple mounting system, it ensures seamless integration and adaptability and rapid deployment. Plus, its sturdy construction means it’s ready to meet the demands of even the most dynamic industrial environments.

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1.2 MW
2 MWh
Output voltage
690 VAC
20 ft container (6058x2438x2591 mm)
26.5 t
Operating ambient temperature
-20 - +40 °C
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
CE, IEC 62619, UL 9540A, EN 50549-1, EN 50549-2
Modular all-in-one design
Ready for the Nordic flexibility market
Advanced battery technology
Quick deployment

Product highlights

Product Safety

The Capture Energy BESS Powerbox ensures a high safety with robust features, certifications, and LFP cells, ensuring reliability and safety.

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Capture Controller

The Capture Controller is an essential component of Capture Energy battery energy storage solutions, enabling seamless operation and quick commissioning.

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